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BiblioTech looks at how libraries, reading, writing, and publishing have changed in the post-digital age.

It features contributions from artists, thinkers, collectors, and librarians, who examine the impact of technology on books and libraries, and how they are being transformed. The publication explores how libraries are merging with other environments, such as museums, schools, and computer networks, creating new possibilities for books and reading. By taking a closer look at these changes, the publication hopes to inspire new ideas about the future of books, collections, archives, and the ways in which we read and write through them.

The book is based on exhibitions Torque curated at the Exhibition Research Lab in Liverpool, UK and Neme Cyprus, running in both locations simultaneously for a period. The majority of works were presented in both locations, while some one-off works were exhibited in only one site, and talks and workshops extended into other library settings and institutional spaces. Accordingly, that correspondence created a context to explore modes of reproducibility, presence and difference at play in print and digital-based artefacts, and how they impact on the library and culture more broadly. By transforming the galleries into a library-like setting of diverse publishing, note-taking, writing and learning practices, as reinvented by contemporary artists, BiblioTech sought to playfully push against audience expectations for gallery and library alike. Documentation of these practices and discussions are included in colour illustrations and essay documentation in the book.

Funded by Arts Council England, and an ESRC Impact Acceleration Grant with Lancaster University.

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